Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry Eye Treatment
I have been dealing with severe dry eyes for years. Have been to a dozen of eye doctors with no success. All the eye doctors kept telling me the same things over and over again. I was about to give up until I read all the good reviews about Dr. Irwin Azman and his team, so I decided to give him a try. All I can say is I’m glad I did. I have nothing but great things to say about him and his staff. Very helpful and very friendly. My dry eyes have nearly been treated after years of pain! I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. After each treatment he would follow up and call me to see how I was doing. No other doctor has ever called me to follow up. I was never rushed and he answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Irwin Azman and his team. I can honestly say he exceed all my expectations. Thank you Dr. Irwin Azman for all your help!

Contact lens drama

I would like to relate my experiences with attempting to wear contact lenses, both before becoming a patient of Dr. Irwin Azman, and after. To start, while living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas I decided to try wearing contacts as my glasses kept getting in the way. My first attempt was with a very young doctor, who had recommended mono-vision corrective lenses. After several iterations with different lenses, not only could I not see very well, but the contacts were very uncomfortable. I finally gave up with this doctor. The next doctor I tried was much more experienced, and even commented that it would take some time to get the prescription correct due to my far-sighted eye sight. Again the process of weekly visits, each time changing the prescription. While I was able to see better I never got results even close to using my glasses. Again I gave up with this doctor. The final doctor was again better than the previous two. This doctor was in a contact lens specialty, and this doctor even tried the toric lenses. Again my vision did get better, but nothing that I could live with for long periods of time. And as with the other two doctors the contact lenses were very uncomfortable. In each of the three cases mentioned above I became discouraged and finally gave up trying to wear contact lenses. They were uncomfortable and my vision was far less accurate than with my glasses. This process covered approximately 18 months. In the middle of last year, I became a Federal Employee and relocated to northern Maryland. I decided to try one last time. I searched through the phone book and the Internet searching for someone who specialized in tough cases like mine. I contacted the Azman Eye Care Clinic and Dr. Irwin Azman called me and we discussed my situation. After that conversation I made an appointment and the process started. Dr. Irwin Azman started by running a number of tests, while the overall health of my eyes was good, I did have a moderate case of dry eyes. Dr. Azman treated this condition first, and would not even entertain working with contact lenses until that condition was under control. Once the condition was under control, we began the process of narrowing in on the correct lenses, using what I consider a hybrid solution. Specifically working with a combination of bi-focal lenses with a mono-vision approach. While it did take several months, I was finally able to see almost as well with contacts as I can with glasses, and they are comfortable. In conclusion, had I not gone to a Doctor that was careful, persistent and knowledgeable in all areas of vision correction I would have given up again! As it stands now I can see well enough with contact lenses that I no longer have to deal with glasses and that is a very good feeling.

The way an eye exam should be

Previously, all of the doctors I visited only used the standard equipment to test my eyes and then they administered a glaucoma screening. I would return for the standard “fitting’ of contact lenses and I would not have any contact with the doctor until I needed a new prescription. Most of the doctors were friendly and some of them would subtly pressure me to buy their glasses and brag about their services. I never went back to them. I read an ad in a magazine for Azman Eye Care. It was as if the ad were written specifically for me. I made an appointment and the receptionist asked me questions and recorded my personal information. The event that impressed me most was when Dr. Irwin Azman, himself, called me before my scheduled appointment. He introduced himself and spoke to me about my situation. No doctor has ever done that before. When I met him, Dr Irwin Azman explained the procedures he would follow. I was put through a battery of tests on state-of-the-art equipment. I never had such a comprehensive exam. I was also asked to sign medical releases so that records from other doctors could be assessed. This assured me that all my previous history would be known at a much higher level than I could relay. I would not forget to mention anything that could prove helpful. No other optometrist has compared to this degree of detail. When I was being fitted for the new lenses, I proved to be a bit of a challenge so it required multiple visits over a long period of time. Dr. Azman always listened and refined the prescription to his satisfaction and mine. He was never in a hurry to “get rid” of me, but wanted me to be happy with the outcome. He gave me a lot of lenses for trial periods. He was very dedicated and always provided me with exceptional service. I was more than a patient and statistics to him. The entire staff is professional and courteous. Dr. Irwin Azman is somewhat of a perfectionist, which is good on the patient’s behalf. He was a wonderful sense of humor and makes you feel special from the moment you meet him. He is passionate about what he does and that is what makes him so successful.

Life with contact lenses

I have been wearing contact lenses for approximately eleven years. My first contact lens experiences were with a Dr. in College Park, Maryland. The Dr provided excellent car. Additionally, he and his staff spent a great deal of time working with me as I initially had some difficulty putting lenses in my eye. After seeing the Dr in College Park for approximately two years, I was enticed by the advertisements of America’s Best Contact Lenses in Rockville, Maryland. Although I was certainly not dissatisfied with the Dr. at the time I did not see any reason not save several hundred dollars a year at America’s Best. For over seven years, I visited America’s Best for eye care. At each appointment, the waiting room was packed with more patients than you could imagine. The large number of patients meant that the optometrist was often running over an hour behind schedule. Once I finally was able to get in to see the doctor, the actual examination rarely lasted more than five minutes. However, for six years I wore extended wear lenses I received from America’s Best without any problems. In the Spring of 1992, my contact lenses began to irritate my eyes. I called America’s Best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I was then asked if I was a new patient or an existing patient. Once they realized I was an existing patient (that had already paid and was not going to bring in any new revenue), the earliest appointment available was several weeks away. At that appointment, the optometrist took a quick look at my eyes and told me I had GPC. He then instructed me to give my eyes three months rest from contact lenses and to then schedule another appointment. This appointment, where I was told I had a disease in my eyes may have lasted ten minutes, rather than the typical five minutes. After three months of not wearing contact lenses, I returned to America’s Best for a follow-up visit. At that appointment, I was told that my GPC condition had not improved and that I should forget about wearing contact lenses. At this point, a co-worker that had experienced similar problems recommended Dr Irwin Azman to me. After my initial visit, I followed Dr Azman’s recommendation of using eye drops and cold compresses for approximately two weeks. Since then, I have had very few problems wearing disposable lenses for the past three years. I am probably spending more for eye care each year with your practice than the total I spent over seven years at America’s Best. However, I believe Dr Irwin Azman took more time with me at each of my visits than the total time an optometrist spent with me during the seven years I went to America’s Best. In summary, two items distinguish Azman Eye Care and Dr Irwin Azman from America’s Best. First, you spend adequate time with each patient to accurately diagnose problems. I always feel like an individual at Azman Eye Care, rather than feeling like I am on an eye care assembly line. Second, Azman Eye Care appears to offer a wide variety of solutions to eye problems, rather than using a one size fits all approach to eye care. Dr Irwin Azman has taken a significant amount of time during each of my appointments, discussing various options I have and helping me determine what will work best for me. I appreciate the high quality eye care I have received for the past three years.

Thanks for the care

This is to express my gratitude for the excellent care I have received at Azman Eye Care, with Dr Irwin Azman, and to let you know what an impact it has had on my life. I have used eyeglasses for nearly thirty years and contact lenses for over twenty years. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Care, I experienced frequent severe sinus headaches and dizziness. Since having the “plugs” inserted in my tear ducts and following your regime for using and cleaning my contact lenses, the headaches have significantly decreased in severity and frequency. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Center, whenever I purchased new contact lenses and eyeglasses, I found that within a month of wearing them, they no longer seemed to correct my vision as well and I was always straining to see clearly. In addition, I was never able to see as clearly with eyeglasses as I was with contact lenses. Now, approximately one and one-half years since first wearing my current contact lens prescription, my vision is just as clear as it was when I began wearing the new lenses! Furthermore, I can see just as well with the eyeglasses I received from Azman Eye Center as I do with the contact lenses. For the first time in my life, I feel confident with my vision when wearing eyeglasses and am able to give my eyes “rest” from wearing the contact lenses each week. When my family doctor referred me to Dr Irwin Azman, I did not realize the possibilities for such improved vision and health, having sought help with my vision from numerous eye care professionals during my life. The high level of care and professional and responsive staff at Azman Eye Center are greatly appreciated.

Dry Eye Condition: Since when does a doctor spend time with his patient?

I was most impressed with the level of personal care and concern that I found at your practice. My dry eye condition was not apparent to me at the time I first visited your office. Dr Thomas Azman was willing to investigate my complaints about my vision and as a result I was able to return to 20/20 vision with lenses. This was very important to me as a pilot. Dr Thomas Azman took my case more seriously and spent more time with me than I have ever experienced with any other eye doctor. Your efforts at follow up were very reassuring.

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We are extremely fortunate to have Dr Azman in the Baltimore area!

I have been a patient of Azman Eye Care Specialists, Dr Irwin Azman, for approximately 4 years. My first hint that this organization puts the customer’s needs first is when they advised me that I was not a candidate for laser correction. At that time, the most thorough exam I had ever had was administered, and I was prescribed glasses. I have been more satisfied with both the prescription and glasses, then any other time in my bifocal adult life.

I had tried contacts in the past, found my eyes to be red, watery, and itchy, and the optometrist blamed menopause as the culprit. No solution was ever suggested. I went back to glasses. Because of my prescription, I was constantly taking glasses on and off and was never really comfortable. Dr.Irwin Azman advised that first we need to correct the dry eye issue, then find the appropriate lenses. After everything was said and done, I was fitted with the most comfortable lenses, and have no dry eye problems whatsoever!

The professionalism and care exhibited by both Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman are evident in the time they spent with me, the efforts to find the right solution for me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of excellent eye care, service, and compassion. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr Azmans in the Baltimore area!

Dry Eye Treatment: My only regret is that it took me so long to find Dr Thomas Azman’s office…

My eye
My eye (Photo credit: neuroticcamel)

During a recent visit to Azman Eye Care for a routine eye check up, I was diagnosis with having “dry eye”. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this because I have always been diligent about getting regular eye checkups and thought my blurred vision and frequent eye pain was due to my advancing age and the medications I was taking. Up to this point no one had mention neither this condition (dry eye) nor a treatment. However, after several days of treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only my vision improved but also the paint I had previously experienced had disappeared. My experiences were not only positive but also unexpected. This is due to several factors. First, my dry eye treatment from Dr. Thomas Azman and the other members of his office were handled with expertise and professionalism. I know my knowledge about “dry eye‘ has greatly improved. Next, I felt genuine concern for my well being. I never had to wonder how the treatment would be carried out because they were fully explained. Also, I left each visit with the feeling that I was important and that improving my condition was the ultimate aim.

As I speak to other family members, friends and colleagues about my condition and treatment, I have discovered that “dry eye’ is quite common but often misdiagnosis. As a result of my experiences, I feel very comfortable in not only sharing these positive experiences but also letting them know about Dr Thomas Azman and his office.

In closing, my only regret is that it took me so long to find Dr Thomas Azman’s office as I truly feel my eyes have never felt better.

To that I want to thank Dr Thomas Azman and all the members of his office.

After 7 years I now have comfortable contact lenses!

To the Azman Eye Care Specialists:
It has been quite a few months since I have been wearing my lenses comfortably. I never thought I would be able to. After my 3 visits to the Azman Eye Care Specialists this all changed.
Prior to my first appointment in July 2003, I had been wearing lenses uncomfortably for seven years. I always felt the edge of the lenses, very strongly on my right eye and slightly on my left eye and my eyes were constantly dry. This all worsened when I tried to focus on anything, such as a blackboard, and since I was a student, this was very problematic. I wanted to wear lenses, and forced myself to wear them, since I found glasses bothersome.

Over the seven years, I constantly returned to my eye doctor, insisting that something was not right, lenses were supposed to fit comfortably on the eye. Most of the time, he switched my lenses to another kind out on the market, but none I found comfortable. After four or five years, I was told that there are no other kind of lenses for me, and if I do not want to wear the lenses the way they are, then I just might have to wear glasses. This upset me greatly. I knew something was not right, but the doctor did not seem to believe me. I began to wear my lenses infrequently, and wore my glasses most of the time.

In February 2003, I had as a guest at my home who was one of your wonderful Optometric Assistants. It was she who introduced me to the Azman Eye Care Specialists. She mentioned that many difficult cases came to your office and were helped. Just a few days later I received a call at home from Dr. Irwin Azman.  Dr. Azman listened carefully as I spoke and told me what he thought were the problems and some of the solutions. He suggested that I come down to the Azman Eye Care Center.

After a few months of thinking it over, I finally came to the Azman Eye Care Center. In just three appointments (that were all made to accommodate my schedule since I was coming from out of state) my problem was diagnosed and the solutions were found by Dr. Irwin Azman. Dr. Azman mentioned that I was one of his most difficult and challenging cases, and now I am wearing lenses comfortably. At the Azman Eye Care Center, I was treated so much better than I was ever treated at an eye care center before. Thanks to the professional service, along with the extremely patient specialists, including Dr. Thomas Azman, especially Dr. Irwin Azman, who answered all my questions, believed me, helped me, and solved my problem, I feel confident that I can refer friends and family to trust their vision care in your office.

Once again, thank you for enabling me to continue to wear lenses comfortably.

– New Comfortable Contact Lenses