Contact lens drama

I would like to relate my experiences with attempting to wear contact lenses, both before becoming a patient of Dr. Irwin Azman, and after. To start, while living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas I decided to try wearing contacts as my glasses kept getting in the way. My first attempt was with a very young doctor, who had recommended mono-vision corrective lenses. After several iterations with different lenses, not only could I not see very well, but the contacts were very uncomfortable. I finally gave up with this doctor. The next doctor I tried was much more experienced, and even commented that it would take some time to get the prescription correct due to my far-sighted eye sight. Again the process of weekly visits, each time changing the prescription. While I was able to see better I never got results even close to using my glasses. Again I gave up with this doctor. The final doctor was again better than the previous two. This doctor was in a contact lens specialty, and this doctor even tried the toric lenses. Again my vision did get better, but nothing that I could live with for long periods of time. And as with the other two doctors the contact lenses were very uncomfortable. In each of the three cases mentioned above I became discouraged and finally gave up trying to wear contact lenses. They were uncomfortable and my vision was far less accurate than with my glasses. This process covered approximately 18 months. In the middle of last year, I became a Federal Employee and relocated to northern Maryland. I decided to try one last time. I searched through the phone book and the Internet searching for someone who specialized in tough cases like mine. I contacted the Azman Eye Care Clinic and Dr. Irwin Azman called me and we discussed my situation. After that conversation I made an appointment and the process started. Dr. Irwin Azman started by running a number of tests, while the overall health of my eyes was good, I did have a moderate case of dry eyes. Dr. Azman treated this condition first, and would not even entertain working with contact lenses until that condition was under control. Once the condition was under control, we began the process of narrowing in on the correct lenses, using what I consider a hybrid solution. Specifically working with a combination of bi-focal lenses with a mono-vision approach. While it did take several months, I was finally able to see almost as well with contacts as I can with glasses, and they are comfortable. In conclusion, had I not gone to a Doctor that was careful, persistent and knowledgeable in all areas of vision correction I would have given up again! As it stands now I can see well enough with contact lenses that I no longer have to deal with glasses and that is a very good feeling.

Thanks for the care

This is to express my gratitude for the excellent care I have received at Azman Eye Care, with Dr Irwin Azman, and to let you know what an impact it has had on my life. I have used eyeglasses for nearly thirty years and contact lenses for over twenty years. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Care, I experienced frequent severe sinus headaches and dizziness. Since having the “plugs” inserted in my tear ducts and following your regime for using and cleaning my contact lenses, the headaches have significantly decreased in severity and frequency. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Center, whenever I purchased new contact lenses and eyeglasses, I found that within a month of wearing them, they no longer seemed to correct my vision as well and I was always straining to see clearly. In addition, I was never able to see as clearly with eyeglasses as I was with contact lenses. Now, approximately one and one-half years since first wearing my current contact lens prescription, my vision is just as clear as it was when I began wearing the new lenses! Furthermore, I can see just as well with the eyeglasses I received from Azman Eye Center as I do with the contact lenses. For the first time in my life, I feel confident with my vision when wearing eyeglasses and am able to give my eyes “rest” from wearing the contact lenses each week. When my family doctor referred me to Dr Irwin Azman, I did not realize the possibilities for such improved vision and health, having sought help with my vision from numerous eye care professionals during my life. The high level of care and professional and responsive staff at Azman Eye Center are greatly appreciated.

Great patient care

I just wanted to thank Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman, and your associates for the service you have been giving my husband, granddaughter, and myself over the years. As you know I was going to Wilmer Eye Clinic for over four years before I came to Azman Eye Care for services. At Wilmer, I was treated as a number and not a person. At your office you and the other associates have shown that we are people and that you care a great deal about your patients.

There are not too many doctors who will call you to check to see if everything is okay. When my granddaughter was there to see Dr. Irwin Azman about her eyes, he took time out of his weekend to call Sunday to see if she was doing okay. When I called about my eyes bothering me, Dr Irwin Azman did not hesitate to call me at my home and ask that I come in right away. Dr Irwin Azman has worked with me in trying to make my “dry eyes” better and you have done more for me in the past year than Wilmer did for over four years.

I cannot say enough of how pleased myself and the family is with Dr Irwin Azman services. I have talked to family and friends and told them how great your services are and have recommended them to see you.

Again, thank you for the wonderful care you put into your work.