Finding a doctor for Advanced Keratoconus

The anguished and dubious task of finding a doctor who could help me with my condition ended when I found Dr Benjamin Azman.

I was diagnosed in 2013 with advanced case of keratoconus. I was a freshman pharmacy student. I had always worn strong prescription of glasses but I knew something was different. Changing my glasses didn’t work anymore. I was exhausted after reading for half an hour and driving at night quickly became a challenge. I was having hard time judging how far the oncoming cars were. The increasing light sensitivity and headache became unbearable.. desperate for a solution or a new pair of glasses, I booked an appointment with Dr Macedo of Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons for an evaluation for potential Lasik surgery. She diagnosed me with advanced keratoconus in less than 30 minutes of consultation and referred me. I was greatly surprised that no one had come to this diagnosis before. I reach out to many eye specialists but they wouldn’t deal with my insurance and couldn’t afford the fees. I was a student with a state insurance. I had many stories of inconvenience. I began to educate myself about KC, how to cope with it and who could help me. I was referred by my insurance to a local optometrist. She switched me to the rigid gas permeable lenses. While I could see fairly well with RGP, they were pure misery. Extremely painful, forcing me to take them in and out. They irritated my eyes badly I became so light sensitive. I remember spending time in a dark room with sunglasses on. She eventually switched to scleral lenses, which provided me with some relieve after weeks, months of fitting, trial and error. Couple of weeks after my fitting was completed, I began having good days and bad days.

As I continued to research, I came across Dr Azman practice. At first I was hesitant. I didn’t know who to trust with vision, I was tired of experimental procedure or hearing that my only option was corneal transplant. It took me a year to make up my mind. On my appointment day, I walked in with a swollen right eye for which I was on moxifloxacin eye drop for over a month with no improvement. I was beyond impressed by the service I received. The receptionist, Barbara was always very patient with me and accommodating. Dr Azman discussed with me his plan in detail and answered all my questions. He didn’t believe I had an infection. He explained that the inflammation and irritation was a response to stress from my unfitted contact lenses. He took me off the antibiotic and the fitting process began with scleral lenses. I was amazed to see how well equipped Dr Azman was. There were so may options of shape and form of lenses not to mention that the exam room was equipped with high tech computer for mapping or measuring your cornea. The first moment moment I try my new lenses on I knew it was the answer I had been searching for. They were super comfortable and I had a decent vision. The inflammation in my eye resolved within 2 weeks. It was a life changing. I can wear them for over 20 hours during long trip abroad without felling any discomfort. I have minimal light sensitivity and glare at night that I can easily correct with sunglasses.

I can’t conclude without acknowledging the genuine care of the technicians at Dr Azman office. Joanna and Stephanie were so helpful and very friendly. Joanna took the time to practice with me how to insert and remove my contact with ease and that have made a huge difference in my life. The fear and pain from scratching corneal are gone! I have nothing but high esteem for Dr Benjamin Azman and his team. I am blessed to have a manageable case of KC and access to good medical care.

M. Gakku, Maryland

Keratoconus Treatments: Scleral lens Success

For many years this patient suffered from poor vision due to Keratoconus. She was told by many keratoconus doctors that she needed surgery. A friend referred her to Dr. Azman and “it was a dream come true!”

Living with Keratoconus: Scleral Lens Success

Diagnosed with keratoconus this patient had trouble finding a proper treatment option. She has been to several doctors unsuccessfully. After doing more research she found Dr. Azman, who truly specializes in the area of Keratoconus. After a proper evaluation, she is now wearing contact lenses for keratoconus which provide her with great vision like she has never had before!

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Treatments for Keratoconus: Crosslinking CXL | Contact Lenses for Keratoconus | Scleral Lenses | PVR PROSE

Contact lenses for keratoconus treatment in Baltimore

After many years of he glasses not working for her, due to keratoconus, this patient was referred to our office for scleral lenses. With the scleral lenses for keratoconus, she now has great vision!

Treatments for Keratoconus: Crosslinking CXL | Contact Lenses for Keratoconus | Scleral Lenses | PVR PROSE

Keratoconus Treatment Options: Corneal Transplants, Crosslinking CXL, Scleral Lenses

This patient has a diagnosis of keratoconus. She has been to numerous eye doctors who have suggested a corneal transplant, other surgical procedures, and medications. After doing her own research she found Dr. Azman who was able to provide her with non-surgical options. She is now wearing special scleral lenses that are giving her the best vision and eye comfort she has had in many years!

Keratoconus: Corneal Transplant, RGP lenses, Hybrid lenses, to PVR PROSE Scleral lenses 20/20

This patient was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 1988. He went to the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Clinic and to many other doctors who were unsuccessful in treating him. He was prescribed RGP, Rigid Gas Permeable lenses – they were very uncomfortable and often they would pop out of his eyes. After failing with RGP lenses he was told he needs to have a corneal transplant. In 1999 he had the corneal transplant surgery. In the years to follow he was always told that the transplant was successful, but his vision had not improved. As time went on, he tried other lens options such as hybrid lenses, which again were very uncomfortable and didn’t last long. His doctor suggested that he see a scleral lens specialist – Dr. Irwin Azman. Dr. Azman prescribed him with PVR PROSE custom scleral lenses, which now provides him with 20/20 vision! After 30 years of poor vision he can finally enjoy the gift of sight.

Advanced Keratoconus

I have what is called advanced keratoconus which requires me to wear a special contact lens. Before I was diagnosed I wore glasses just never wanted to wear contacts because I was scared, I’m very weird about touching my eyes, I kept rescheduling my appointments and Dr. Azman and his staff kept calling for me to come in, I was just afraid of the thought of inserting contacts I didn’t think I could do it, I believed that I could get glasses instead of the contacts, didn’t happen. My vision deteriorated so quickly I had to go in, let me say The Azman team are the friendliest, most professional group of people that I’ve met in a long time, Joanne worked with me until I was comfortable with putting the contacts in and taking them out, she was patient and even called to check on me, I have two different lenses that I insert. At home I did everything Joanne said to do and I have no problems. I am so glad I made it into the office. When Dr. Benjamin Azman put my lenses in and I could see clearly for the first time in a long time I cried …Dr. Benjamin was so awesome! Thank you so much !! Azman is my eye care specialist for life!!