Dry Eye Condition: Since when does a doctor spend time with his patient?

I was most impressed with the level of personal care and concern that I found at your practice. My dry eye condition was not apparent to me at the time I first visited your office. Dr Thomas Azman was willing to investigate my complaints about my vision and as a result I was able to return to 20/20 vision with lenses. This was very important to me as a pilot. Dr Thomas Azman took my case more seriously and spent more time with me than I have ever experienced with any other eye doctor. Your efforts at follow up were very reassuring.

Life Without Glasses and LASIK: 3 Steps to Clear Vision Now!

Are you interested in a safe, non-surgical and predictable improvement in your vision?
Are you interested in seeing with natural vision for sports, recreational  or leisure activities?
Are you interested in a career area such as aviation, law-enforcement, firefighting, or any job that requires better visual acuity?
Are you interested in preventing vision problems such as nearsightedness and astigmatism from developing, or getting worse?

Precision Ortho-K may be your answer!

Wake up to clear, sharp vision with no unflattering glasses, no uncomfortable contacts and no unpredictable lasik surgery. Discover Precision Ortho K. Performed exclusively by the Dr Irwin Azman, at Azman Eyecare, Precision Ortho K is an FDA approved, non-surgical, non-invasive technique that gently reshapes the cornea, dramatically improving your vision – overnight!