The way an eye exam should be

Previously, all of the doctors I visited only used the standard equipment to test my eyes and then they administered a glaucoma screening. I would return for the standard “fitting’ of contact lenses and I would not have any contact with the doctor until I needed a new prescription. Most of the doctors were friendly and some of them would subtly pressure me to buy their glasses and brag about their services. I never went back to them. I read an ad in a magazine for Azman Eye Care. It was as if the ad were written specifically for me. I made an appointment and the receptionist asked me questions and recorded my personal information. The event that impressed me most was when Dr. Irwin Azman, himself, called me before my scheduled appointment. He introduced himself and spoke to me about my situation. No doctor has ever done that before. When I met him, Dr Irwin Azman explained the procedures he would follow. I was put through a battery of tests on state-of-the-art equipment. I never had such a comprehensive exam. I was also asked to sign medical releases so that records from other doctors could be assessed. This assured me that all my previous history would be known at a much higher level than I could relay. I would not forget to mention anything that could prove helpful. No other optometrist has compared to this degree of detail. When I was being fitted for the new lenses, I proved to be a bit of a challenge so it required multiple visits over a long period of time. Dr. Azman always listened and refined the prescription to his satisfaction and mine. He was never in a hurry to “get rid” of me, but wanted me to be happy with the outcome. He gave me a lot of lenses for trial periods. He was very dedicated and always provided me with exceptional service. I was more than a patient and statistics to him. The entire staff is professional and courteous. Dr. Irwin Azman is somewhat of a perfectionist, which is good on the patient’s behalf. He was a wonderful sense of humor and makes you feel special from the moment you meet him. He is passionate about what he does and that is what makes him so successful.