Great patient care

I just wanted to thank Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman, and your associates for the service you have been giving my husband, granddaughter, and myself over the years. As you know I was going to Wilmer Eye Clinic for over four years before I came to Azman Eye Care for services. At Wilmer, I was treated as a number and not a person. At your office you and the other associates have shown that we are people and that you care a great deal about your patients.

There are not too many doctors who will call you to check to see if everything is okay. When my granddaughter was there to see Dr. Irwin Azman about her eyes, he took time out of his weekend to call Sunday to see if she was doing okay. When I called about my eyes bothering me, Dr Irwin Azman did not hesitate to call me at my home and ask that I come in right away. Dr Irwin Azman has worked with me in trying to make my “dry eyes” better and you have done more for me in the past year than Wilmer did for over four years.

I cannot say enough of how pleased myself and the family is with Dr Irwin Azman services. I have talked to family and friends and told them how great your services are and have recommended them to see you.

Again, thank you for the wonderful care you put into your work.

Dry eyes

When I came to Dr. Thomas Azman I thought I was just going to have a routine eye exam. I had no idea that my eyes were too dry. I had dry eyes…

Usually, I would jut have my eyes examined, get my new prescription, and be on my way. After Dr. Azman checked my eyes and discovered they were dry, I was given a regiment to follow. What a difference! It was so refreshing. I felt everything looked so much clearer even though I didn’t have my new prescription yet. My eyes didn’t feel scratchy or irritated. It was just a soothing, refreshing feeling. I would recommend Dr Thomas Azman to anyone I know.

Thanks again!