Dr. Azman Pirouettes through the contact lens exam

The ballet shoes of a dancer en pointe.
The ballet shoes of a dancer en pointe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When choosing schools for one’s children one tends to be very picky. One never settles for anything less than the best, and one makes sure that all aspects of the education process—from the school’s cleanliness to the experience and talent of the teachers to the principal’s professionalism— fit perfectly with one’s parenting values, Similar should be one’s mindset when choosing a healthcare provider, especially for an aspect of one’s anatomy—the eyes-upon which depends so much of one’s life.

However, I only followed my own advice after this story:

I decided I wanted to try wearing contacts when I had had just about enough of the literal and figurative headaches that were involved with wearing glasses, I couldn’t enjoy rollercoasters to their fullest potential, couldn’t swim In the summer, couldn’t roughhouse with my brothers. So I went to the eye doctor who was covered under my pitiful health insurance and asked for contacts. He quickly went through the tests, the measuring, the dilating of my pupils, but I never felt he A) was the expert in his field or B) took enough time to get to know my eyes.

My gut wasn’t wrong—after wearing the contacts for a few hours, I felt as though they were dirty and needed so be cleaned, so I took  them out rubbed them with solution , rinsed them with saline, put them hack in. And for a few more minutes, that was great. Until the blurriness came back. Now I know that I suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, but then I Just thought I wasn’t cleaning my contacts well enough or that something was wrong with the actual hydrophilic lenses.

So, I gave up contacts, went back to the suffering of spectacles, resigned myself to the fact that there was an entire world out there that I’d never get to experience due to the limitations of my lorgnette.

However, that world kept tugging, kept calling, kept encouraging me to partake of it, and not long after we moved from New York to Maryland, it became too loud to ignore any longer.

I chose Dr Irwin Azman at Azman Eye Care because my In-laws went there and since then have not thought of any place else. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t come here, you’re doing your eyes, and the rest of your body, a great disservice.

If you look at a ballet dancer, one who is trained classically and does nothing but dance, you will see that she makes an arabesque look effortless; a pirouette and a pile, as simple as pie; a cabriole, with apparent casualness. You only understand that there are days and literally years of hard work, sweat and preparation that go into dancing if you study them.

Dr. Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman not only have years of education and experience under their belts, but they also seriously enjoy their profession. They have put in, and continue to do so, their 80+ hours per week. They have racked up countless sleepless nights preparing for med school exams. And they have experimented to discover the absolute best way to treat patients—as Individuals and with a personal touch.

So, like the ballerina, whose beauty and style are only a result of painstakingly precise practice, Dr Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman do what any other eye doctor would consider either unnecessary or even Impossible, with such grace and apparent ease, I suggest that anyone who values his eyes and the importance of good vision to a healthy lifestyle go see Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman!

-Josh G. Pikesville, Maryland

A Dry Eye Christmas Miracle!

The following explains my complete satisfaction with the Azman Dry Eye Center.

The past several years I noticed a significant change in my ability to see clearly, plus my eyes were always very irritated. I went to Lens Crafters first. They changed my eyeglass prescription, but I still could not see clearly. The following year, since I was now in my 50’s, I decided to bypass the “storefront” eyeglass establishment and see someone more professional. I went to an Eye Group, hoping for a more thorough exam and evaluation. After giving me the standard tests, the doctor wrote a new eyeglass prescription. He also mentioned that I had a birthmark in back of my eye, but did not elaborate on it or recommend further tests. I noted that the doctor seemed distracted and showed no sincere interest in me as a patient. His answers to my

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: peminumkopi)

questions were short, and he offered very little explanation to my eye irritation. I had glasses made from the new prescription that he gave me, but I was still experiencing blurry, irritated eyes.

Through my new insurance plan, Eye Care Plan of America (ECPA), I selected Azman Dry Eye Center for my next eye exam. This turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made! I had no problem getting a late afternoon appointment, so I didn’t lose any time from work. The office is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the staff is courteous and helpful.

On my first visit, Dr. Irwin Azman took his time and gave my eyes a thorough examination. He tested my eyes for dryness. After the exam, I went to his office where he thoroughly explained my problem and answered all my questions. I never felt that he was rushing me through, and he was extremely kind and courteous. Like the doctor at the previous Eye Group, Dr. Azman also saw the “birthmark” in back of my eye. However, unlike the visit to my former doctor, Dr. Irwin Azman sent me to a retina specialist just to make sure that a more serious problem wasn’t being overlooked.

On my return visit, I told Dr. Azman that my eyes were still irritated. Since it was Christmas time, I called this my Christmas miracle! In just a few hours, my vision improved 100%. Everything looked clear and sharp for the first time in several years!

I am extremely pleased with the care I received at the Azman Dry Eye Center. Doctor Irwin Azman was thorough in his examination, evaluation and explanations. I felt very confident that he really got to the root of my problem, instead of just prescribing another pair of glasses that probably would not have improved my vision. My entire experience at the Azman Dry Eye Center was positive, and I have already recommended them to my friends and family!

-Beverly G. Baltimore, Maryland

Dr Irwin Azman did what three other doctors could not….

A phoroptor can measure refractive error to de...
A phoroptor can measure refractive error to determine an individual’s spectacle lens prescription during an eye examination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m writing to thank Dr Irwin Azman for doing what three other doctors couldn’t—make it possible for me to wear my lenses again.

My eyes have always been sensitive, but with the help of a sympathetic optometrist, I had managed to wear lenses until I turned 43, when my contacts became increasingly uncomfortable.

My ophthalmologist told me my eyes’ tear quality had deteriorated with the onset of middle age; he prescribed artificial tears. These gave me relief for a while, but a year later my eyes were more irritated than ever. This time, he simply said I had GPC and prescribed medication (which didn’t help). He was stumped.

I called my optometrist, who switched me to ProClear Compatibles, which provoked the condition more. I tried a second ophthalmologist; he said I could try switching from lens to lens, but suggested my contact-wearing days might be over. By this time, I was wearing glasses and feeling miserable (my high prescription is very noticeable). Finally, I did a Google search under “dry eye” and Dr Irwin Azman came up.

When I called Azman Eye Care, the receptionist said you’d phone me to discuss my problem. That impressed me, but not as much as when I received a call from you later that day from Florida, where you were on vacation! I was encouraged by your patience in listening, and your confidence that you could help.

On the first visit, I was thrilled to hear, “Well, here clearly is the problem.” You not only had more knowledge than the other doctors I’d seen, but you also had equipment useful for assessing my condition; for example, a machine that took a photo of my corneal cells and a video screen magnifier allowing you (and me) to see the problem in large view.

Following the visit, my eyes soon felt well enough to wear the lenses you prescribed. My eyes felt great for the first time in years. And your concern about my case, calling to see how I was doing (the first eye doctor in 33 years of wearing lenses to do that), and taking time to answer every question, was much appreciated, and a great contrast to the other doctors who simply said, “I don’t know.”

Because of you, I feel confident again about my appearance when I go to a business meeting. I appreciate your encouragement and proactive approach—but most of all, the expertise that put me back in my lenses again! I know two people who have dry eye problems, and I have recommended them to you and have told almost everyone I know about how you succeeded where others have failed. Many thanks!