Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology- No Glasses. No LASIK.

I had originally planned on having the Lasik procedure done, but found out I wasn’t a good candidate. I never heard of Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology when I came in to Dr. Azman’s office. I was planning on getting my prescription renewed for glasses and contacts, until Dr. Azman informed me about his non-surgical procedure. WOW! What a blessing! Definitely a better alternative to surgery. It’s great not having to worry about things blowing in to my eyes, and having to take the contacts out to get the debris out, or having to be extra careful when rubbing my eyes. I could go on and on about what I no longer have to worry about, but the biggest plus for me is being able to go to the pool and beach, and not worry about keeping my eyes closed under water. I recommend Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology to anyone who wants the freedom. I can’t believe one day I was wearing contacts, and the following morning didn’t have to wear any! Thanks to Dr. Azman!

Robert S.
Baltimore, Maryland

Exceptional Eye Care

Azman Eye Care has provided exceptional care in the periodic examination of my eyes. Dr. Irwin Azman and his staff have continued to be curteous and helpful with any questions I have and treatment I may need for the continued care of my eyes. I have been a patient of Dr. Azman’s for over 2 years and his level of expertise and care has only gotten better with each passing year.

Dry Eye Problem Missed By Previous Eye Doctor

I started seeing Dr. Azman after experiencing vision problems that my original physician hadn’t been able to resolve. Dr. Azman immediately determined that there was a problem with my prescription along with a beginning dry eye problem exacerbated by the incorrect prescription and changed both my prescription and the type of lens I was wearing. This change in prescription not only cleared up the problem I was having, but also dramatically improved my near vision to the point that I was able to eliminate my reading glasses when reading music. I play with 5 different bands and not having to worry about seeing the notes on a chart is great. Additionally, Dr. Azman’s staff has always been pleasant and very helpful whenever I’ve called in with a question or concern and I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Azman to anyone who has a vision problem or wants another opinion concerning their vision care.

Bruce M.
Brookville, Maryland

True Eye Care Professionals

Dr. Irwin Azman is a caring, thorough, educated doctor who displays compassion for his patients. He is clearly an expert in his field. We have been lucky enough to receive treatment by both Dr. Irwin Azman and Dr. Tom Azman. They are notably dedicated to their practice, go out of their way to provide outstanding care, and work with a friendly, wonderful staff. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone looking for eye care. True eye care professionals!

Morganna B.
Lutherville, Maryland

Dry Eye Treatment

I have been visiting Dr. Azman for dry eye treatment for more than 8 month till now (6 visits almost). I am felling definitely much better compared with my first visit (still in treatment). Dr. Azman tried 3 different types of treatments for me until I started feeling progress. The doctor cares for you and understands any concerns I had whether it was health or financial concerns. For me my health insurance didn’t cover my eye treatment here and the doctor referred me another place covered by my insurance to do high cost treatments and gave me discounts on all of the tests I had here even my last 3 visits were free of charge I did pay nothing! Overall, I am totally satisfied with my experience here and I highly recommend Dr. Azman.

Ahmed I.
Cockeysville, Maryland