Dry Eye Problem Missed By Previous Eye Doctor

I started seeing Dr. Azman after experiencing vision problems that my original physician hadn’t been able to resolve. Dr. Azman immediately determined that there was a problem with my prescription along with a beginning dry eye problem exacerbated by the incorrect prescription and changed both my prescription and the type of lens I was wearing. This change in prescription not only cleared up the problem I was having, but also dramatically improved my near vision to the point that I was able to eliminate my reading glasses when reading music. I play with 5 different bands and not having to worry about seeing the notes on a chart is great. Additionally, Dr. Azman’s staff has always been pleasant and very helpful whenever I’ve called in with a question or concern and I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Azman to anyone who has a vision problem or wants another opinion concerning their vision care.

Bruce M.
Brookville, Maryland