Dr. Azman Pirouettes through the contact lens exam

The ballet shoes of a dancer en pointe.
The ballet shoes of a dancer en pointe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When choosing schools for one’s children one tends to be very picky. One never settles for anything less than the best, and one makes sure that all aspects of the education process—from the school’s cleanliness to the experience and talent of the teachers to the principal’s professionalism— fit perfectly with one’s parenting values, Similar should be one’s mindset when choosing a healthcare provider, especially for an aspect of one’s anatomy—the eyes-upon which depends so much of one’s life.

However, I only followed my own advice after this story:

I decided I wanted to try wearing contacts when I had had just about enough of the literal and figurative headaches that were involved with wearing glasses, I couldn’t enjoy rollercoasters to their fullest potential, couldn’t swim In the summer, couldn’t roughhouse with my brothers. So I went to the eye doctor who was covered under my pitiful health insurance and asked for contacts. He quickly went through the tests, the measuring, the dilating of my pupils, but I never felt he A) was the expert in his field or B) took enough time to get to know my eyes.

My gut wasn’t wrong—after wearing the contacts for a few hours, I felt as though they were dirty and needed so be cleaned, so I took  them out rubbed them with solution , rinsed them with saline, put them hack in. And for a few more minutes, that was great. Until the blurriness came back. Now I know that I suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, but then I Just thought I wasn’t cleaning my contacts well enough or that something was wrong with the actual hydrophilic lenses.

So, I gave up contacts, went back to the suffering of spectacles, resigned myself to the fact that there was an entire world out there that I’d never get to experience due to the limitations of my lorgnette.

However, that world kept tugging, kept calling, kept encouraging me to partake of it, and not long after we moved from New York to Maryland, it became too loud to ignore any longer.

I chose Dr Irwin Azman at Azman Eye Care because my In-laws went there and since then have not thought of any place else. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t come here, you’re doing your eyes, and the rest of your body, a great disservice.

If you look at a ballet dancer, one who is trained classically and does nothing but dance, you will see that she makes an arabesque look effortless; a pirouette and a pile, as simple as pie; a cabriole, with apparent casualness. You only understand that there are days and literally years of hard work, sweat and preparation that go into dancing if you study them.

Dr. Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman not only have years of education and experience under their belts, but they also seriously enjoy their profession. They have put in, and continue to do so, their 80+ hours per week. They have racked up countless sleepless nights preparing for med school exams. And they have experimented to discover the absolute best way to treat patients—as Individuals and with a personal touch.

So, like the ballerina, whose beauty and style are only a result of painstakingly precise practice, Dr Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman do what any other eye doctor would consider either unnecessary or even Impossible, with such grace and apparent ease, I suggest that anyone who values his eyes and the importance of good vision to a healthy lifestyle go see Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman!

-Josh G. Pikesville, Maryland