Undiagnosed Eye Condition: Dr. Azman: Case# 0023425-4

Dr. Azman: Case# 0023425-4

A new patient to our office, a doctor himself, who sees his eye doctor on a routine basis, continues to comment that he still cannot see well with his new glasses. After seeing three different eye doctors there was no diagnosis and the patient was still unhappy with his vision. After a very thorough examination with Dr. Azman, the patient is diagnosed with mild keratoconus. With proper keratoconus treatments, the patient will have clear consistent vision with no glare! #ExcellentEyeCare #GreatVision #Keratoconus #NoDiagnosis



Keratoconus-glare-treatment-baltimore-maryland-OD Keratoconus-glare-treatment-baltimore-maryland-OS