The Best Dry Eye Treatment!

I am so grateful that I met and was treated by Dr. Azman in his eye Care office in Timonium, MD. His expertise and extensive experience in treating my red eye and dry eye problems are superb. My previous eye doctors didn’t have any clue on how to treat my extensive problems that had plagued me for years. Dr. Azman has state of the art top-notched technologies that no body else has in the Baltimore or Washington, DC region or for that matter in the entire U.S.A. His precise diagnosis was amazing, I have seen my red eye irritations reduced substantially within 3 days in the course of his treatment. Dr. Azman’s personal touch is also unbelievable. He called me 2 days after the initial visit and asked how I was doing. He returns phone calls promptly around the clock. I highly recommend Dr. Azman to all my friends and family members! Thank you so much Dr. Azman!!!

Vivian K.
Silver Spring, Maryland