Keratoconus Contact Lens Treatment

Keratoconus contact lens Video Testimonial:

This patient has been suffering from Keratoconus his whole life. He has been to many doctors who were not able to help with his vision and comfort. Dr. Irwin Azman, Keratoconus specialist worked with this patients through many options and treatments. With the last fitting of scleral lenses this patients has never been happier with his vision and comfort. He now wears his scleral lenses 15 hours a day with out any discomfort and sharp vision.


Abraham Azman Endowed Optometry Scholarship Award

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman and Dr. Irwin Azman,

I want to thank you so much for your generous scholarship. It will greatly help me as I seek to pay off my student loans and pursue my optometric career. You are so very kind to give back and to help optometry students in this way…it truly means a lot to me.

After reading your family’s story, I feel very honored to receive the scholarship you established in your father’s name.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Sarah C.
UABSO Class of 2014

Abraham Azman Endowed Optometry Scholarship Award

Daniel P.
December 19, 2013

I would like to whole-heartedly thank Drs. Thomas and Irwin Azman and the Scholarship selection committee for their generosity in granting me the Abraham Azman Endowed Optometry Scholarship. This financial award is much appreciated and will aid me greatly as I reach toward my goal of becoming a competent optometrist. This scholarship is even more helpful considering the current out-of state tuition rates that I am paying; and what an exciting Christmas present to get the great news around this time of year. I am grateful that there are people like the Azman family making a large difference in society and leaving a lasting legacy behind to support our wonderful profession of optometry. It takes special people to make such a huge impact on many peoples’ lives; even long after his passing -his vision still lives on through his sons.

Thank you so much for this opportunity; I will continue to strive to serve our community both as a student at UAB School of Optometry and as a practicing optometrist in the future. I appreciate your time and consideration- it makes me feel great that my hard work is paying off.


Daniel P.